Road transport

Our Customers have for disposal several hundred different types of vehicles, which we provide in national / domestic and international traffic. The fleet of own vehicles and contracted carriers allows to plan the transportation following the Customer’s needs.

In addition to full-truck deliveries (FTL) we also organize transports with smaller cars (with capacities from 1 to 10 tons) adapted to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the project.

We provide distribution from our warehouses, just-in-time deliveries essential for continuity of production, and we are present in commercial networks operating in the country.

We will transport express (vans) loads throughout Europe, including hanging garments / clothes (GOH).

The efficient and flexible planning of the fleet in our branch network and the rapid exchange of information within the company ensures that our customers have the availability of vehicles and the timeliness of their transport, and that we also can respond quickly to changing conditions in the markets we serve.

Vehicles with Uniq Logistic logo are visible on roads throughout Europe. Our customer has one caregiver who coordinates activities in the company to ensure timely and economical service.

Road transport